PACT Influences Club Culture

In February 2013, the BYSC Board of Directors participated in a strategic planning session designed to lay the ground work for specific goals the club had in both the short term and long term. For the last few years, the club had discussed the benefits of hosting PACT seminars for our families. As part of long range planning, the decision was made by the board to have BYSC become a PACT club in 2014 and asked Director of Coaching Sean McKuras to develop the plan for making this happen.

Because PACT has the potential to have such a dramatic impact on our club, the BYSC Board also decided to make this a mandatory program for our members. In 2014, the club is requiring a parent from each family with children playing on U14 and younger traveling teams to attend one of four scheduled sessions. Player passes for the 2014 spring/summer traveling season will be withheld from players who have not had a parent attend a PACT session.

Participating in PACT training sessions is a one-time commitment. The club will offer additional training for parents with U15 and older players in the future.