BYSC Annual Volunteer Program 2013 Policy Statement

(updated & approved 6-24-2012)


Bloomington Youth Soccer Club (BYSC) is a nonprofit organization run by parent volunteers. The Annual Volunteer Program helps keep costs down and provide more soccer opportunities to kids from Bloomington and surrounding communities.

  1. Each family registered in the summer BYSC traveling program must volunteer at least 6 hours per soccer year (approximately August to August). Each family registered in the summer BYSC Recreational program must volunteer at least 2.5 hours per soccer year. Although families can volunteer for more hours, the commitment will not exceed 6.0 hours per family per year.
  2. The volunteer hours can be performed by any member of the family as long as the activity selected is appropriate for the age and maturity level of the person performing the activity.    The BYSC Board reserves the right to make the final determination as to what is age appropriate and safe. Children under the age of 14 must be supervised closely by an adult parent or guardian. Volunteer assumes responsibility for his/her physical fitness and capability to carry out the agreed upon volunteer activities, and assumes all risk of injury or damage that may result from such involvement.
  3. Any BYSC member, child or adult, who participates as a volunteer in a BYSC activity for which there is an understood level of training, internship, or other kind of professional development which adds to them personally in their growth and development, such as, but not limited to, involvement in BYSC Traveling and Recreational programs (i.e. Kickers, United Juniors, Futsal and/or Fitness Training) shall not receive credit toward the Annual Volunteer commitment due to the selective and professional nature of these activities. Any person/family is able to appeal specific situations to the BYSC Board at any time.
  4. Families must register with DIBS website to get credit for their volunteer hours. Team Managers and/or BYSC staff or board members will help families without computer/internet access. Families must choose their volunteer hours by April 15.
  5. Volunteer hours are typically hours of service to the club rather than service to a particular traveling or recreational team. The only exception to this will be 12 hours per traveling team to be divided as the team sees fit, but generally with 6 hours going to the Team Manager and 6 hours going to the Treasurer/ Tournament Director. Traveling Teams must decide how this time is to be allocated (in hour increments) and notify Steve Peterson (Director of Soccer Operations) by March 15. Team Managers of Recreational Teams will receive 2.5 hours.
  6. If a family wants or needs to opt out of the Annual Volunteer Program requirement, it can do so by paying the buyout fee of $100.00 (traveling) or $25 (Recreational) by March 15* (or when they register if after March 15th). The buyout option will still be available after March 15th but only at the penalty buyout price of $200.00. Money from buyouts will be used to provide scholarships to BYSC families and to offset program costs. PLEASE NOTE: Families that receive any sort of Financial Assistance from BYSC are not allowed to choose the buyout option.
  7. BYSC reserves the right to impose a penalty on families which do not participate in the Annual Volunteer Program by completing hours they claimed.    Immediately following the MegaCup Tournament any family that has not COMPLETED their 6 hours (no-shows or dropped hours) will have their child/children’s player passes held until they pay twice the buyout fee.
  8. Families on “Tournament-only” teams are not subject to the Annual Volunteer commitment.
  9. BYSC will make every reasonable effort to facilitate each family fulfilling its Annual Volunteer Program requirement. For assistance, email Steve Peterson at or talk to your Team Manager.