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BYSC Player/Parent Conduct Policies

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Expectations for Conduct of BYSC Players/Parents


Player Code of Conduct

  1. Players will refrain from using profanity during games and practices
  2. Players will agree to treat teammates with respect and try to be positive at all times.
  3. Players will not engage in disparaging dialogue with referees, teammates, coaches, opponents or spectators.
  4. Players will not, under any circumstances, participate in physical violence or threats thereof during any game or practice.
  5. Players are prohibited from the use of alcohol, illegal drugs or tobacco products while on the active roster of the club team.
  6. Players will make every effort to attempt to notify coach prior to missing a practice in order to receive an excused absence.
  7. I will bring proper equipment to games and practices including: shin guards, water, and soccer ball.  Player will be ready to participate in all events in a timely fashion.
  8. I will not wear jewelry, text or make phone calls during soccer events.
  9. Players must agree to abide by all policies set forth by BYSC.

Parents Code of Conduct

  1. Parents agree to support the club in requiring players to abide by the players code of conduct.
  2. Parents will refrain from verbal abuse of players, coaches, referees, opponents and other spectators.
  3. Parents will discuss constructive concerns regarding coach, players or club policy with the coach first, then the Managing Director (Tim Forby,, the competition committee and finally the BYSC board.
  4. Parents must understand that coaches, managers, and the director of coaching are dedicated to a quality soccer experience will conduct themselves in a manner consistent with club policies.  Please give all involved the benefit of an open mind
  5. Respect that we have coaches to implement a game plan and tactical structure for your team.  There will be no coaching from the sidelines.
  6. Will follow a 24 hour rule pre and post game (including scrimmages/indoor games).

At BYSC we have high expectations for our players as people whether it is on the field or off the field.  At all times you are representing BYSC and yourselves.  At all times we expect players and parents to respect other participants in the soccer world including but not limited to coaches, officials along with players and parents from other clubs.  At all times we expect players, parents and coaches to use good common sense.  Any violation of these expectations will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.