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Mega Cup Rules

Bloomington United Mega Cup 2017 - U9/U10 Rules and Procedures



The Bloomington United Mega Cup is a Minnesota Youth Soccer Association (MYSA) sanctioned 6v6 tournament sponsored by Bloomington Youth Soccer Club (BYSC). No scores will be kept and there will be no playoffs.  Rules of Play will follow FIFA regulations except as modified by MYSA and this Tournament.



Check-in Procedure/Rosters:

All teams must check in at registration at least 30 minutes prior to their first game. Each team must present Player Passes and Medical Release forms (either your club’s form or the MYSA medical liability form) for all players, a roster (i.e. MYSA Competitive Match Report or similar if a non-MYSA affiliated team,) and Coach Passes.  Medical Release forms do not need to be notarized. Rosters will be frozen at registration. No player may register on more than one team.  Coach passes will be required, and non-MYSA / out-of-state teams must provide a Permission to Travel form from their sponsor organization.


Rosters and Guest Players

Each team may have a minimum of six and a maximum of 12 players rostered. All players must meet the age and playing requirements. A player may be rostered on only one team. Each team may roster a maximum of three guest players. A guest player is a player not on the team’s league roster, but is age eligible, meets playing requirements, is from the same club, and has a player pass. Each team must be coached by a MYSA-registered (or other equivalent state organization) adult. Team officials should have proof of age documents in their possession.  Playing with an illegal roster will result in forfeit of games.


Levels of Play

There are two levels available for play: Gold (lower competitive level) and Maroon (higher competitive level.) Teams are allowed to self-select their level, however, if teams are choosing to play at a level below their league level (i.e. Maroon playing Gold) the team must receive permission from the BYSC tournament officials at the time of registration.


Every effort will be made to provide, U9 & 10 Gold and Maroon brackets. However, it may be necessary to combine levels to complete the bracket. It will be at the discretion of the BYSC tournament officials to determine if the levels will be combined to complete a bracket.




1.  Each team is assigned a minimum of three games.

2.  There will be no playoffs.


Game Duration

Games will be played with two 25-minute halves with a five-minute half-time.



The field shall be approximately 35 yards wide by 50 yards long. Goal size at a minimum will be 6 ft x 12 ft.



Substitution Procedure

All teams are allowed unlimited substitutions, with a 12-person roster possible. Field player and Goalkeeper substitutions may be made, with the consent of the Referee, at any stoppage in play.  Substitutions “on the fly” are not permitted.


Home Team Jersey

The first team listed in the schedule is the home team. The home team must have an alternate jersey and be prepared to change if, in the opinion of the referee, there is a color conflict.  Colored pinnies may be supplied by tournament.


Bench Area

Teams shall be on the same side of the field. Spectators will be on the opposite side. Exceptions may be made to fit the need of the situation.


Referee System

There will be one USSF certified/registered referee for each game.


Official Game Ball

The home team shall provide a game ball to be used in all matches. If additional balls are needed, they are to be provided by either team. Teams will use a size 4 ball.


Pre-game Warm-ups

It is essential that games begin on time. There will be no pre-game warm-up on the field. Please plan your pre-game warm-up in an adjoining area (posted warm-up fields only).


Game Procedures

1.     All Free Kicks are indirect.

2.     No Penalty Kicks.

3.     On all free kicks, the opposing team must remain at least eight feet from the ball until it is touched.

4.     Kick offs from the center mark may be played backwards to start play.

5.     No Offside’s will be called.

6.     Each team must have a minimum of four players on the field.

7.     No scores will be kept and no overtime will be played.



Cautions and Ejections

If a player receives a “red” card they will be ejected from that game and the team must play short-handed. The player will be suspended for the next game.  Any combination of two red cards throughout competition will result in that player being ejected from the remainder of the tournament. All red cards are reported to MYSA.


If a Coach is out of control, a Referee may request the Coach to leave before a game continues.  If a Coach is asked to leave a game, the Referee will retain the Member Pass and will send it to the MYSA office along with the appropriate Game Report.  Disciplinary action, including suspensions, etc. will be determined by MYSA Policy. 



No protests will be heard on any judgment calls by the referee. Protests on player eligibility should be stated prior to the start of the game. Protests on other technical matters must be made in writing and submitted to Tournament headquarters. Express concerns regarding violations prior

to the start of the game or at the time the incident occurs if the game has started. All decisions by the referee will be final.



Unsportsmanlike Behavior

Bloomington United Mega Cup will not tolerate any unsportsmanlike behavior on or off the field. We ask that you please:

1.   Know and understand the laws of the game. Educate the players on the technical, tactical and physical demands of the game.

2.   Keep your players and fans under control. The tournament adheres to a zero tolerance for fighting or heckling. Any persons conducting themselves in this manner will be asked to leave the premises.

3.   Be a positive role model. Set the standard for sportsmanship with the opponents, referees and spectators.

4.   Encourage moral and social responsibility.

5.   Encourage players to have fun and to keep a positive attitude about winning and losing.



Each player will receive a participation gift.


Weather Provisions

MYSA Weather Guidelines will be followed in regards to safety of Players and Spectators impacted by Severe Storms, Heat, and Cold.  These guidelines may be found at


Coaches are expected to review the inclement weather procedures with the parents of the team prior to arriving.


If weather conditions or the state of the fields make it impossible to carry out the tournament to its full extent, it is up to the organizers to make necessary decisions concerning the rearrangement or cancellation of all games. Fees are non-refundable if games or the tournament are canceled for any reason.



There will be licensed medical personnel on site for this event during all hours of competition. Additional emergency personnel will be called from headquarters, if necessary.


Concussion Policy

This Tournament, held by Bloomington Youth Soccer Club (BYSC) and sanctioned by the Minnesota Youth Soccer Association (MYSA), requires compliance with Minnesota Statute 121A.37 in accordance with the BYSC and MYSA Concussion Policies.  All participating coaches and referees are required to take concussion training.  The U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention has a free, online course entitled “Concussion Training for Coaches (and Referees), accessible by the following link:

Copies of the Minnesota statute and MYSA policies are available at


Use of Alcohol/Tobacco/Drugs

The use of alcohol, tobacco and drugs are prohibited. The Bloomington United Mega Cup is a smoke-free event. No smoking will be allowed on the fields and at tournament headquarters throughout the event. The use of alcohol and any illicit substances is strictly prohibited.



Pets are allowed in Bloomington Parks, but are discouraged from attending the Mega Cup due to the large number of attendees.  Park rules regarding pet control / management will be enforced.  Be responsible!


Note: All other MYSA league rules will apply that have not been noted.