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Kickers Recreational Soccer Programs

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Instead of a rotating schedule, we have simplified the schedule so your child will participate at the same time every Sunday and teams will be not be affected if a player is absent.

Another reason for the change is to promote a better sense of community for Bloomington Youth Soccer Club. Instead of individual teams and team colors, children will participate in their designated group and will all receive the same uniform.  Your child will also have the opportunity to play with new players each week in hopes of building new friendships and create a sense of camaraderie.

Your child will train with their designated age group for thirty minutes lead by trainers, who are or were players in the club. The training session will entail a warm up to promote fitness and coordination and individual skill development hidden within two to three small-sided games. For the last thirty minutes, the group will be split into individual teams at random and participate in no bigger than a 4 v 4 scrimmage where they can practice their newly attained skills. Overall, expect your child to get plenty of touches with the soccer ball and have an awful lot of fun.

If you are ever curious as to what players will be working on, please check the BYSC website as we are in the midst of adding curriculum and look for weekly newsletters! 

See you soon!  

Fun, Low-Cost Programs Introduce Your Child To Soccer

Kickers Recreational (in-house) soccer programs provide a fun, low-cost introduction to organized soccer for U5-9 players (4-9 year-olds.) The benefits for your child include:

  • Professional Trainers - Supervise our sessions to keep your child enaged, safe and learning the game
  • Smaller Rosters/Fields - Smaller sizes to increase number of touches on the ball for your child and lower coach/player ratio
  • Weekend Activity - Allows time for school work and family time during the week

Kickers features three different programs offered in winter, summer and fall. The summer and fall sessions include a half hour of training and a half hour game against another Kicker's team.

  • Winter Kickers starts in early January indoors at the Jefferson or Kennedy Activity Centers
  • Summer Kickers starts in mid May at Lincoln Fields (88th and Thomas Avenue) and includes 8 Sunday afternoons (no holiday weekend activity)
  • Fall Kickers starts in September at Lincoln Fields and includes 6 Sunday afternoons

Information about the Kickers program currently being offered is listed below.

Winter Kickers starts in early January indoors at the Jefferson or Kennedy Activity Centers.

BYSC Fall and Summer Kickers

Summer and Fall Kickers takes place at Lincoln Fields.

Bloomington Youth Soccer Club is a registered 501c3 not-for-profit organization run by parent volunteers. To learn more about how you can help us bring soccer opportunities to kids from Bloomington and surrounding communities, visit our website at www.bysc.org, or call us at 952-926-2844.