What Does It Cost To Play Spring/Summer Traveling Soccer

This page is meant to give a ballpark figure for the cost to play traveling soccer. Exact team fees may vary.

BYSC families pay a combination of fees to have their child play on one of our traveling teams. These fees can vary for a number of reasons including:

  • Age Group
  • Competitive Level
  • Team decisions including tournament selection, team party, etc.

Calculating The Average Cost

Listed to the right is a graphic outlining the average costs for teams in our club.
Keep in mind these numbers are only averages and your team's total season cost may be different.

What Does It Cost To Play Fall Traveling Soccer

Fall traveling soccer offers a shorter, compressed season with league play only featuring six games played on weekend afternoons. In some cases a team may play two of those six games in one weekend. To keep costs down during this shortened season, BYSC does give teams the choice to have a parent coach rather than a paid coach. The average cost for fall play is shown in the graphic to the right.