How We Determine Where And When Your Child Plays

BYSC Traveling Soccer

When Do We Play?

  • Spring/Summer Season — Mid May through end of June featuring league games on weeknights and tournament games (teams choose which tournaments they want to play in) on weekends. Teams U11 and older could also choose to participate in playoffs which run into late July.
  • Fall Season — September through mid October with weekend games only and open only to teams U14 and younger.

How Far Do We Travel?

Our league places us in one of four competitive divisions (North, South, East or West). While not guaranteed, BYSC teams typically get placed in the South division. With half our league games at home, the remaining half could include travel to Apple Valley, Eagan, Rosemount and other communities close to us. Traditionally, Rochester or Winona also field teams, so each season could feature one trip to one of those communities.

What Competitive Level Will We Play At?

The league BYSC plays in (MYSA) has developed various competitive levels to allow teams to play other teams of similar skill level. Teams younger than U14 (see Age Group Information tab for more details on age groups) may self select the level they wish to play at. Teams older than that earn their level based on their previous year's results. So, it's possible for teams to be promoted up a level or down a level. The skill levels are listed below. More information on the MYSA 2015 playing nights and competitive levels can be found  here.

  • Gold (less experienced) or Maroon — for U9 & U10 teams
  • C1, C2, C3  — for U11 and older teams
  • Premier  — an option for U18 & U19 teams who could also choose to play C1 instead

MYSA also offers the Midwest Regional League (MRL) for those teams that qualify and want to play at the highest level.