Answers to Common Questions About Winter Training

Q: What Does Winter Training Include?

A: BYSC's Winter Training Program includes; Age group training once a week on turf at a domed facility, individual team training at one of the public school gyms in Bloomington and weekly Futsal Training in the main gym at Kennedy High School.

Q: How Much Does It Cost?

A: Teams will be responsible for paying for any coaching time at the age group training in the dome and for the facility and coaching time for the team training. Coaching fees are about $25 an hour (divided by all team members) and time at a public school gym is about $8 with BYSC's buying power. Futsal is a separate program that players can choose to participate in or not. Registration and payment is done by those choosing to particpate either online at the time of registration or through mailing in the paper form with a check.

Q: What Do Players Learn at Winter Training?

A: The age group training at the domed facility allows the players and trainers to work on a larger space that more closely resembles the outdoor game. These sessions teach strategy and tactics including small sided possession games to teach the use of space. The large field surface also allows for scrimmages. The team training at the Bloomington school gyms is more technical with typical sessions including work on passing and receiving and dribbling in the smaller environment.  The Futsal program fosters creative play and resembles street soccer.

Q: Do I Have To Participate In Winter Training?

A: BYSC is a competitive soccer program that requires a level of commitment from its membership. We understand that we have many multi-sport athletes in our club. So, to better serve all of our families, we have created a balanced program with some optional programs (including Futsal) along with team and age group training. It's the club's hope that families with multi-sport athletes will make an effort to attend those training sessions their schedules allow. Once selected for a traveling team, a player shares in that team's training expenses for the entire year, including Winter Training. Prior to BYSC having a formal winter training program, teams were on their own to plan and purchase time for training and share the costs. With the formal program we have in place, teams now get a better rate for the time they have in Bloomington gyms and get free turf rental time through the club as well as the option to participate in Futsal.