2013 Wrap Up

Thanks to the work and support of everyone involved with the club, BYSC enjoyed a successful 2013 and is poised for a great 2014. Below are just a few highlights from the past 12 months and a few opportunities we'll have to improve in 2014. For all of your continued support, on behalf of BYSC I thank you for a great year.

Tim Forby
President BYSC

2013 Highlights

  • Mega Cup - Thanks to Bill Goodman and his team for leading the club through another successful tournament despite a little rain. And of course, a huge thank you to all of the volunteers who make this tounament happen each year.
  • Winter Training Program - With the first formal winter training program by the club in place, many of our traveling teams enjoyed a more competitive start to the season including those who had earned promotion.
  • Healthy Participation Numbers - Our numbers remained strong for both the recreational and traveling programs. We had another series of play dates that went well for our United Juniors program and several of our traveling teams earned promotion.
  • New Uniform Kit - It's a painful process, but every few years our suppliers stop supporting uniform kits and require us to look at new ones. Thanks to Melissa Karner for leading us through a new kit with a new vendor.

Opportunities in 2014

  • Parents And Coaches Together (PACT) - The PACT program has the potential to improve our players, coaches and families in a dramatic way.
  • Flat Fee/Payment Program - A group of current members is working on a new way of calculating all the costs associated with traveling soccer and offering a payment plan that will allow families to pay fees on a monthly basis.
  • Mega Cup - This annual fundraiser has become important to both the club and the community.
  • Accessibility - We made some strides in 2013, but have room to make soccer more available to all members of our community in 2014.

Current BYSC Board Openings

BYSC is currently looking for individuals interested in the following Board positions.

  • Marketing Director

Descriptions of the role and duties for these positions are noted below. If you are interested in serving on the BYSC Board of Directors, please contact president@bysc.org.

BYSC Board Structure And General Information

The Executive Board is the sole governing body of the Bloomington Youth Soccer Club. It is comprised of up to fifteen voting volunteer members. The exact number will vary from time to time. The Executive Board has monthly meetings which are open to the general membership. Board meetings are generally held on the second Monday of each month at the Bloomington Civic Plaza. Contact president@bysc.org for information on each month's meeting.

Issues that members would like to discuss with the board must be submitted to the club president one week prior to the scheduled board meeting to be included in the agenda. Agendas for monthly board meetings will be posted one week prior to the meeting. Meeting minutes from the previous month must be approved at each month's meeting and then those minutes will be posted within a week of being approved.

A General Membership Meeting is held yearly or if called by the board. The purpose of the General Membership Meeting is to elect new board members, revise by-laws, present a year-end fiscal report to our members, and address any significant club-wide issues.