BYSC Board Structure And General Information

The Executive Board is the sole governing body of the Bloomington Youth Soccer Club. It is comprised of up to 9 to 15 voting volunteer members. The exact number will vary from time to time. The Executive Board has monthly meetings which are open to the general membership. Board meetings are generally held on the second Sunday of each month at the Bloomington Civic Plaza. Contact for information on each month's meeting.

Issues that members would like to discuss with the board must be submitted to the club president one week prior to the scheduled board meeting to be included in the agenda. Agendas for monthly board meetings will be posted one week prior to the meeting. Meeting minutes from the previous month must be approved at each month's meeting and then those minutes will be posted within a week of being approved.

A General Membership Meeting is held yearly or if called by the board. The purpose of the General Membership Meeting is to elect new board members, revise by-laws, present a year-end fiscal report to our members, and address any significant club-wide issues.

Recap of Most Recent Long Range Planning Session

To coincide with the installation of a new club president, the BYSC Board of Directors met in March 2013 for a planning session designed to help the group focus on a single, clearly identifiable goal for the next two years. The result of this session was the board's decision to try to make BYSC more accessible to the community. Led by a parent volunteer who has experience facilitating groups like BYSC, a series of exercises revealed the access issue along with a series of action steps the club will take in the next year to meet this goal.

The document below summarizes each of the major questions board members provided feedback on. With each board member's feedback recorded, members were then asked to vote for the issue they felt most important with the understanding that the group would pursue the issue that received the most votes.

With a clearly defined goal and board commitment in place, we will be reaching out to club members over the next few months to solicit feedback, ask for support on certain issues and, most importantly, ask for participation from members to help us come up with creative solutions to make BYSC more accessible to all groups within our community.

BYSC Board of Director Job Descriptions

Below are current job descriptions for the various board roles.