Important Policies For Manager's To Know

Volunteer Policy
Visit the Volunteer Section of our website for information about the club's policy and how it affects your team.

Practice Parent Policy
BYSC requires that an adult (parent/guardian) be visible at each club sponsored activity including practices, scrimmages and any other team related activities. BYSC coaches have been instructed to cancel any session where an adult/guardian is not present and to either have players call their rides so they can go home, or in the case of our older players, dismiss them so they can drive home. This policy is in place to protect our club and our coaches from liability. Team managers should create a schedule at the beginning of the season for all activities so that each rostered player and their family shares in this responsibility.

MYSA Weather Policy
MYSA has established a weather policy to deal with inclement weather including rain, excessive heat and cold. Click here for their policy.

BYSC Game Reschedule Policy

  1. Both teams must agree to the reschedule first. So first you must talk to your opponents manager/coach.
  2. If it is a date and time reschedule you must come up with at least a couple options that both teams can agree to.
  3. Give the proposed dates and times to the home team field coordinator who can check ref and field availability. There are many games going on and field and referees availability may be limited. The more options the better.
  4. When the field/ref coordinator approves your change then both the home and away team need to log on to the mysa online game system and put in the new date and time.
  5. MYSA then sends the approved info the the home team field/ref coordinator who completes the change.

If you have any questions, email